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“Paradise isn’t a place. It’s a feeling.” – L. Boyer

Eden takes influences from fruit tarts, just like the freshness of each fruit together with crispy crusts to quell your hunger from your first bite.

Simple yet tasteful and addictive is what makes Eden perfect for every occasion. Eden embraces the young and cheerful energy of fruity notes from orange, lemon, pineapple, and so much more fruits! It is the embodiment of positive energy and optimism.

From first spray, the sweetness of pineapple sprung up to brighten up your mood with some hint of orange and lemon to add sourness.

Then the middle notes start kicking in with an explosion of various fruits to add dimension to the scent, from strawberries, peach, melon, and basil to add some greenery to the scent.

At the base note stands vanilla and sweet myrrh to add touches of mild sweetness.



 Orange, lemon, and pineapple


 Gardenia, melon, basil, peach, and strawberry


 Vanilla, sweet myrrh


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